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Here at GreenTech Games we not only restore video arcade machines and monitors we make them as efficient as possible. A video arcade machine with one game and a 19" monitor can easily use 175 to 250 watts of power and more if it has a larger monitor. We are able to save anywhere from 30 to 80 watts of power on most of our games and make them 2 games in one.

We do the following to our games where we can.
  • Install new power supplies that run at cooler temperatures
  • Clean dirt and dust from all circuit boards so they run cooler
  • Replace electronic components on the game board like capacitors, resistors, diode and transistors
  • Replace electronic components in the monitors so they run more efficiently and bring vibrant life back into them
  • Replace marquee florescent lighting with LED lighting
  •  Replace both coin door quarter slot bulbs with led lights
  • Adjust the power supply for the exact voltage needed by the game board
  • Install a second game board (saves on power used for a second cabinet, lights and monitor)

Doing all of this can usually bring the power down to 130 watts or less and that is for two games installed in the cabinet!

Typical power use by an arcade machine and a 25 in monitor  = 190 watts
After cleaning, updating the electronics and using LED lighting = 130 watts
That's a savings of 60 watts per game. If you have 3 games that's a savings of 180 watts of power and in many cases you get 6 games for players to choose from!

Beyond all of this we will supply a power strip with a seven day digital timer to turn the games on and off to match your operating days and business hours. No need remember to turn them on or off. Why not save every minute on power use you can.

If you place 2 or more games with us at your location we will also give you one of these digital timer power strips to use for things that do not need to be powered on all of the time. This includes printers, computer peripherals, coffee machines, TVs and the list goes on. We encourage you to also save energy where you can by using one of these power strips.



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